Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (v11.0)




  • Knowledge of Web application server architectures
  • Security systems administration
  • Experience using basic Windows functionality
  • Experience using a Web browser
  • Knowledge of your business requirements

Key Topics

Identify and explain the:

  • IBM Cognos Analytics enterprise components
  • Role of the Administrator in relation to the IBM Cognos Analytics administration workflow process
  • Role of IBM Cognos Administration and IBM Cognos Configuration

Identify and explain:

  • The features of the IBM Cognos Analytics architecture
  • The three architectural tiers
  • IBM Cognos Analytics servlets and services
  • The default servlet container and alternatives to its use
  • An example of IBM Cognos Analytics request processing
  • Installation options
  • Load balancing mechanisms
  • Configuration options
  • The IBM Cognos Application Firewall
  • Identify the IBM Cognos Analytics security model
  • Define authentication in IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Define authorization in IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Identify security policies
  • Secure the IBM Cognos Analytics environment
  • Describe the tasks required to administer the IBM Cognos Analytics server environment
  • Perform administrative tasks using IBM Cognos Administration
  • Manage dispatchers and services
  • Examine the log message facility
  • Tune performance of servers
  • Identify issues while troubleshooting the server environment
  • Identify the IBM Cognos Analytics backup strategy
  • Administer dynamic cubes
  • Manage current, upcoming, and past activities
  • Manage schedules
  • Enable and disable schedules
  • Set queue priority for schedules
  • Suspend a schedule until a later time
  • Add a data source
  • Manage visualizations in the Library
  • Plan and perform a deployment
  • Identify how to maintain the IBM Cognos Analytics content store
  • Identify other content management considerations
  • Manage user profiles
  • Identify how to manage packages through the IBM Cognos Analytics portal
  • Describe IBM Cognos Analytics and its position within an Analytics solution
  • Describe IBM Cognos Analytics components
  • Describe IBM Cognos Analytics at a high level
  • Describe IBM Cognos Analytics security at a high level
  • Explain how to extend IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Use published reports
  • Run reports with options
  • Personalize how content appears
  • Manage human tasks
  • Collaborate with IBM Connections
  • Access shared content
  • Discuss parameter-driven drill through
  • Discuss dynamic drill through
  • Set up package-based drill-through definitions
  • Set scope
  • Use the Drill Through Assistant
  • An exercise covering some of the major administrative functionality in the IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0 product.
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