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March 2019

Join us on Thursday, April 11, at 12:00 pm EST for the first of a series of monthly Southeastern Business Analytics Community web meetings. Attend this interactive event as IBM and DataClarity unveil the latest and greatest in products updates and breakthrough technologies. > Read more

February 2019

Having challenges maintaining, supporting, enhancing or upgrading your Cognos BI or TM1 solutions? Our team of trusted experts can provide a broad spectrum of services on demand tailored to your specific needs. > Read more

January 2019

Would you like to get more value from your Cognos investment? Is it performing to your expectations? Are license entitlements properly monitored and managed by type? The DataClarity Cognos Performance and Health Assessment can increase your success by identifying opportunities for improving performance and lowering costs based on your actual requirements. > Read more

November 2018

From data preparation and data discovery to data visualization and collaboration, the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics is driven by augmented intelligence, machine learning, advanced pattern detection, data science, visual insights, and more. > Read more

October 2018

Discover how you can accelerate your business transformation with a tailored migration service to deploy on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model based on your use cases and requirements. > Read more

August 2018

Discover how you can enable your users to integrate Cognos into other applications, as well as creating custom reports, managing deployment, and integrating portal functionality and security. Learn more about the bennefits of upgrading to Planning Analytics and see what’s new in Cognos Analytics V11.0.12. > Read more

July 2018

Discover how our team of trusted experts can provide a broad spectrum of services on demand tailored to your specific needs. Specializing in that next level of service above and beyond the traditional vendor provided support, our team can function as an in-house resource handling outages, maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades, and enhancements for a fraction of the cost of a full-time dedicated person. > Read more

June 2018

Missed our webinar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The recorded on-demand web seminar is now available for viewing at your convenience. At the same time discover how Analytics can help you learn from your data as never before, improving customer experience and increasing profitability. > Read more

May 2018

Optimize Cognos Analytics migration and join our Live Webinar to discover how you can rapidly create Cognos report and dashboard content up to 250 times faster by leveraging over 70 templates and styles. Learn why data is a “tangible” asset and discover how to improve the patient journey with IBM Predictive Analytics. > Read more

April 2018

With template-driven self-service authoring, any business user can create a managed Cognos dashboard in under one minute using DataClarity Studio. Learn how, and discover why Business Intelligence is so important to drive confident decisions across your business. > Read more

March 2018

Discover how DataClarity Analytics and Data Science platform delivers a unique combination of self-service and governed data management, read more about IBM product updates and join us at Southeastern Business Analytics Community Meeting. > Read more

February 2018

Discover how DataClarity Studio, a self-service authoring experience enables business users to create governed dashboards up to 250 times faster and read more about CIOs prediction for 2018. > Read more

January 2018

Discover the new capabilities of IBM InfoSphere V11.7 and read about the top business priorities and technologies targeted by public sector CIOs in 2018. Join DataClarity at IBM Think 2018 and discover how to improve decision-making with IBM Analytics. > Read more

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