Trade Promotion Planning & Analytics™

A fully-integrated enterprise planning, analysis, and reporting application that combines advanced analytic clustering and optimization planning capabilities with business-driven dashboarding, reporting, and analysis tools that empower the business to measure, understand, plan, optimize, and ultimately improve trade planning outcomes.

Trade Promotion Planning and Analytics Bottom Image
Trade Promotion Planning and Analytics Bottom Image
Trade Promotion Planning and Analytics Bottom Image
Built on IBM enterprise analytic platforms and the award-winning DataClarity Analytics and Data Science Platform, DataClarity Trade Promotion Planning and Analytics™ has core trade planning and analytic capabilities that include the following:

Delivers a comprehensive trade promotion planning platform to identify and analyze trade promotion events and plan and optimize future events based on past successes.

Provides high-quality dashboards that allow analysis of the most important KPIs related to Trade Promotion including prebuilt summary, analytical, and detail reports to analyze plan versus actual results as well as comparison to prior periods.

Empowers users to perform ad-hoc analysis of both unique and enterprise governed trade promotion data, with business-driven data discovery, self-service, and storyboarding capabilities.

Allows the grouping of stores into clusters to optimize trade event planning based upon similar store, category, demographic, weather, industry, and market data.

Allows the planning of future trade promotion events at a planning group level, including by product, category, region, retailer, or any combination thereof, with periods including day, week, month, or custom duration by event.

Optimizes the overall trade promotion plan using advanced linear programming methods with parameters input by the business, and makes recommendations for the most profitable events that can be further tailored using best practices.

Flexible deployment and customization allows the application to function as a fully-scalable enterprise planning solution or as a line of business solution to further analyze and optimize trade plans derived from other systems.

Powerful built-in customization and administration features enable a broad spectrum of use cases and requirements including capabilities to manage brands, categories, regions, retailers, products, or any other data or metadata required by the application.

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