Regularly assessing your Cognos environment, data, and content is critical to understanding and optimizing the health, performance, and overall business value your system can deliver. For over 20 years, DataClarity has been delivering advisory services for hundreds of Cognos clients with proven cost-effective assessments that more than pay for themselves throughout the year including at audit time.

The DataClarity Cognos Performance and Health Assessment is designed to increase your success by identifying opportunities for improving performance and lowering costs based on your actual requirements. The advisory services include:

  • Leading interactive sessions with your team to understand current business and technical requirements and critical success factors.
  • Conducting an in-depth assessment of architecture, environments, data sources, models, reports, users, and security, and making recommendations based on your current and future business and technical requirements.
  • Focusing on future requirements and challenges your organization will be undertaking to focus on your strategies, objectives, and priorities.

To learn more, please check out Cognos Performance and Health Assessment.