Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics

(Powered by IBM Cognos TM1)

Planning Analytics is a solution powered by IBM Cognos TM1 that automates your planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes.

What’s New

IBM Planning Analytics  V2.0.6

Planning Analytics users now have more flexibility in deploying the TM1 database tier with new memory options to support usage, the number of users, and the scale of the solution. Organizations can choose to upgrade their standard configuration of 64 GB memory for the TM1 database up to 2 TB of memory.

Planning Analytics V2.0.6 incorporates cumulative updates to earlier versions of IBM TM1 Server, offers new trade-up part numbers, and adds a year to the support period for each of the products.

Planning Analytics is supported on selected levels of Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows, and Red Hat Linux.

Planning Analytics

A Single Solution for Better Business Results

Planning Analytics

A new era of agile planning and exploratory analytics

In today’s volatile business environment, organizations need speed, agility and foresight in their financial and operational performance management. IBM Planning Analytics delivers on all three. Powered by IBM TM1 and deployable on cloud or on premises, IBM Planning Analytics automates planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes. It enables Finance and line of business users to coordinate their planning, linking key business drivers to financial KPIs.

This powerful financial planning and analysis solution helps you:

  • Create timely, reliable plans, budgets and forecasts
  • Perform in-depth, what-if scenario analysis to test assumptions and compare alternatives
  • Build multidimensional models to analyze profitability by product, customer, region
  • Communicate insights with compelling, self-service visualizations
  • Collaborate and integrate plans across Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Operations, HR.
  • Gain forward-looking insights: uncover real-time insights across your business dimensions using a powerful, in-memory IBM TM1 OLAP engine.
  • Plan and visualize in an interactive workspace: link operational tactics to financial plans, synthesize information and see clear data visualizations in a dynamic, self-service workspace.
  • Perform what-if analysis: explore scenarios or test business assumptions, and immediately see the financial impact of alternative courses of action.
  • Leverage your MS Excel skills: take advantage of a familiar Microsoft Excel interface, where needed. The solution offers full Excel capabilities including graphics and built-in functions.
  • Choose a deployment that fits your business: Benefit from cloud, on-premises or mixed deployment environments. The flexible, scalable platform can be used by individuals, teams, workgroups or the entire enterprise.


Planning Analytics

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